Be Pretty In Pink With This Stylish Parisian Party

October 11, 2017

Be Pretty In Pink With This Stylish Parisian Party

Pink Paris Party Supplies


Pink and black has been associated with Parisian style for many years. The color combination was inspired by La Belle Époque. Many of the publications of the time used the color scheme for their cover art! During this time Paris enjoyed a revival of prosperity after enduring two major wars. Around the same time, Coco Chanel established herself as major player in the fashion industry during the early 20th century. Her iconic aesthetic solidified the association of bold clean lines merged with ultra feminine qualities for a look that was both strong and pretty. The combination of these elements has created a unique and recognizable look that has grown in popularity!


We incorporated another element in our styling that has also been increasing in popularity over the past year. Whether you know it or not, the sugary confections  Cotton Candy, Candy Floss, Fairy Floss have become a trending treat on the food scene. You can use them it to garnish a cocktail for your adult guests. For the enfants (that’s children in French) we suggest pre-filling their cups and watch their amazement as it disappears when your pour their drink!


While there are many variations, we chose two different kinds: a traditional Candy Floss for the beverages and Persian Fairy Floss or Pashmak. It is a little more expensive than other variations and a lot more delicate so we recommend saving this to garnish your cupcakes and cakes! The ingredients in Persian Fairy Floss are subtly different giving it a unique look, flavor and feel. The lavish cotton candy is fibrous, giving the appearance of deconstructed yarn.


As a freebie we’ve included a downloadable and customizable invites inspired by the easily recognizable Chanel No.5 bottle! As a takeaway gift idea we incorporated our white pillow boxes with a contrasting black ribbon to add a touch of class for whatever parting gift you have for your guests! If you need a little more room we suggest our white cupcake boxes or striped party favor bags!

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