DIY Crafts: 3 Things We Love for June

June 03, 2016

DIY Crafts: 3 Things We Love for June

3 Things We Love for June

Party trends come and go, and it is our job here at Paper Eskimo to keep our fingers on the pulse of the party world. In fact, we like to think that occasionally we get some of these trends rolling ourselves! Today, we wanted to take the opportunity to share three things (or ideas) we have fallen in love with this June. If you have fallen in love with any interesting party trends this month, share them with us over on our Facebook page or email them to us at, and you could be featured on the site!

2 DIY Crafts pastels
This is a concept you can apply to your regular life and your party life! Sometimes less can be more. That is an idea we are very interested in moving through 2016. We are going to try to make our parties and our living spaces less busy. This helps us focus on the things that really matter. Instead of making five okay appetizers for our party, we are going to focus and make 3 AMAZING appetizers. Rather than cover our walls with decorations, we are going to pare things back and emphasize things that are tasteful and beautiful. This is actually the philosophy behind a number of our Paper Eskimo designs.

Pastels are always coming in and out of style, but if Pinterest boards and the fashion world have anything to say about it, it looks like spring of 2016 is going to be all about pastels! We love this trend. We have always held a special place in our hearts for pastel colored parties. Best of all, Paper Eskimo products fit into this trend quite nicely. If you are feeling pastels just as much as we are, we recommend checking out Marshmallow Pink, Mint-to-be, and beautiful Summer Bows. The light, festive feel of these colors will be perfect for any event you throw this summer.

Wine and Cheese Parties
We recently wrote a very, very thorough guide to planning the perfect wine & cheese party. The more time we spent thinking about wine & cheese parties, the more we felt they were a perfect trend for the month of June. As spring slowly winds down and summer settles in, people will be spending more and more time outside. This is the perfect environment for a casual wine & cheese party. People can relax and socialize outside, enjoying the beautiful weather while munching on a light snack and sipping incredible wine. We guarantee everyone will have a blast! 

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