Making Dessert – Choc Walnut Wontons

May 06, 2016

Making Dessert – Choc Walnut Wontons

Choc Walnut Wontons

When entertaining a group of people, we find it effortless to make bite size pieces that your guests can enjoy. Firstly, it helps to count how many pieces are required to cover every person, plus it far easier to eat and clean up than a sink laden with washing! For a simple and delicious dessert, we created a little twist on the savoury wonton and turned into a sweet treat. These Choc Walnut Wontons look so stylish when served up, we guarantee there won’t be any leftovers!

Here is an approximate list of measurements however this recipe is flexible and totally up to your taste if you want to add more or less chocolate, walnuts, cinnamon or sugar. Just keep in mind two small wonton wrapper squares are required to make one wonton. You will find them available from your supermarket or local asian grocer.

Ingredients – makes 16
• 32 wonton wrappers
• 200gms chopped dark chocolate
• 200gms ground walnuts
• 2 tps cinnamon powder
• 1/2 cup raw caster sugar
• icing sugar for dusting
• vegetable / rice bran oil for frying

Firstly, cut the wonton wrappers into shape. We used a cookie cutter in the shape of a flower but of course you can use any cutter shape you desire. Press hard onto the cutter and you will find it cuts through quite a few layers.

Prepare the filling by mixing the ground walnuts, cinnamon and raw caster sugar together. Taking one sheet at time, fill with the base with a small spoon of walnut mixture and some chopped chocolate. Before sealing the base with another sheet, brush the edges of the base wrapper with a little water. This will help seal the top layer together. Make sure not to brush on too much water. Press the top layer onto the bottom using your fingers to secure the edges.

Deep fry the filled wontons on medium heat until golden brown. They cook fast and blow up into small balloon-like pillows. Once lightly cooled, dust with icing sugar. They are best served warm so you can have them prepared earlier and just cook when its time to serve dessert. Enjoy x

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