Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas Come To Life In An Under The Sea Wonderland

August 23, 2017

Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas Come To Life In An Under The Sea Wonderland

Mermaid Themed Birthday Party

Of course, we are here today to talk about some fantastic mermaid birthday party ideas, but before that, we have a question for you!

Remember when movie night felt like a special occasion? Back when it was a night that took preparation and planning! The entire family would pile into the car and drive down to the video rental store. You would wander up and down the aisle, browsing DVDs – or maybe even VHSs!! – checking out the covers, looking for something that grabbed your eyes. New movies took months to go from theaters to rental stores. It was so exciting when a movie you had been waiting for forever hit the shelves at your neighborhood store.

‘Yes!! Titanic is out!! Finally. In beautiful VHS-quality. On two full-length VHS cassettes. The future is now. I never let go Jack!’



You’d grab your movie along with popcorn, candy, drinks, and of course, more popcorn, then scoot on home. With the corn popping away, that buttery, salty smell filling the kitchen and living room, your friends and family would herd around the TV, settle on the couch and across the floor, and snuggle into blankets and pillows. Then, you’d flip off the light, a rare moment of silence would fall upon the house, and then opening credits would start to roll! It was a magic moment. The kind that stays with you forever.

That same magic is hard to find these days. Instead of watching movies in the living room as a family, the kids watch whatever they want in their own rooms on laptops and tablets. With an endless selection of on-demand video available on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and YouTube, picking out a movie no longer feels like an adventure or an occasion. It feels like a chore.

Those magic movie nights of my childhood are something I will cherish forever. When my daughter Jessica grows up, I want to make sure she has the same kind of wonderful memories to look back on I have. So we had a movie night!

What did we watch you ask?!

Somehow. Unimaginably. Unbelievably. Jessica had never seen The Little Mermaid before. It was past time to remedy that. To make the occasion feel extra, extra special, we went ahead and ordered the DVD so that we would have, you know, a real movie to hold in our hands! Seeing that cover for the first time in years took me right back to my childhood. I felt like an 8-year old girl again!

We started the movie and my Jessica was instantly enchanted. Just like I had been so many years ago. I hate to borrow a line from another classic, but watching The Little Mermaid is like diving into a whole new world. An under the sea wonderland with singing crabs, talking flounders, wondrous castles, and beautiful mermaids. She loved it all. Well, except for Ursula, and who can blame her there. I looked over and her face was buried under the pillows during ‘Poor Unfortunate Soul!’ Without question, hearing ‘Part Of Your World’ for the first time was the high point of her night. Guess what song was playing on repeat in our house for the entire next week?

Jessica’s newfound mermaid obsession came at the perfect time. She had a birthday coming up soon and I had been struggling to come up with the perfect theme for the occasion. After our mermaid movie night, a theme presented itself! Isn’t it great when things just work out?!

And with that, it was time to dive in head first, and come up with mermaid birthday party ideas!

This may sound a little crazy, but one of my favorite parts of throwing a birthday party is the planning.  And when I get to spend quality time with my daughter while planning, that is even better.

I asked her if she had any mermaid birthday party ideas, and just like that, all the planning was being done for me! We decided we didn’t want to make this just any mermaid themed party, we wanted to capture the feel of being in an under the sea wonderland.

Without further ado, check out how we brought our mermaid birthday party ideas to life, below!

Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas Come To Life

Take a deep sea dive to party with mermaids! Whimsical treats and floating jellyfish will transport your little ones to a wonder-filled underwater realm! mermaid themed birthday partyOur theme includes a FREE printable invitation for you to download and customize!


mermaid themed birthday party
A simple and fun activity to keep your tiny guests entertained is to set up a craft station where they can create their own seashell necklaces! Also included is a printable label designed for our pillow boxes, which makes a perfect package for each little mermaid to take home their creation!

For a pre-cupcake snack, we nestled candy pearls within the icing of these oyster-shaped cookies!

mermaid themed birthday party

We paired white icing with blue monochromatic sprinkles adorning it with a chocolate mermaid tail on our darling and delicious cupcakes!

Our Mint To Be gift boxes are the perfect way to say thank you to each guest.  Adding custom details like a gold ribbon and decorative seashell you can create a unique accent that your guest will love!

mermaid themed birthday party

Set your underwater scene with jellyfish balloons! Using an  ‘Apple Twist’  technique to tie your balloons, fixing it with string at the top, to achieve the shape needed for the body. We added 3 long lengths of our 1/8″ Gold Tinsel and 1/8″ White ribbon over the balloon for effects. To add the tentacles we simply used a strong double sided tape to fix the 3/8″ Gold Tinsel ribbon to the base of the balloons!

We designed this look using our Mint To Be line but we encourage you to explore your creativity! Mix and match with our Pink Confetti and  Pop Pink lines,  including accents of gold, to create a style that is all your own!

There truly are no limits when it comes to a mermaid birthday party idea! When planning your celebration, whether it be a birthday or themed party just because, just dive in head first! There is a whole magical world waiting for you and your party guests under the sea.

mermaid themed birthday party

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