Our Favorite Cupcakes Recipes for June

June 17, 2016

Our Favorite Cupcakes Recipes for June

Cupcakes Recipes

These days, it seems as if the world has gone cupcake crazy, and frankly, we couldn’t be happier!

With this wild proliferation of cupcakes, picking out the perfect recipe can feel overwhelming. Trust us when we say, we understand. We poured over more cupcake recipes than you could possibly imagine before narrowing things down and picking out our three favorites for the month of June.

When we select our cupcakes for the month, we try to choose recipes and flavors that not only compliment and go well with each other, but that fit in with an overarching theme for the month. For June, we picked out recipes that tasted fresh, light, fruity, and flowery. Whether you are munching White Chocolate Strawberry Ice Cream Cupcakes or celebrating with yummy Sangria Cupcakes, you are sure to love all three of these June recipes.

Sangria Cupcakes from the Cupcake Project

Stef from over at the Cupcake Project is nothing short of an absolute cupcake genius. You could get lost for days browsing what may actually be an endless selection of cupcake recipes. We have never been brave enough to delve all the way to the bottom of her incredible archive of cupcake concoctions.

These sangria cupcakes she recently (and brilliantly) came up with are guaranteed to be a huge summer hit. She drops berries macerated with red wine directly into the batter to give these cupcakes an amazingly fruity flavorful kick when you bite into them. This balances out so well with the smooth buttercream frosting swirled high on top. More flavorful red wine-soaked berries are used to garnish the cupcakes.

1 Cupcakes Recipes Check out the recipe yourself by clicking HERE.

We guarantee it will take just one bite for these yummy cupcakes to find a special place in your heart and stomach. If you are looking for a fun, inventive recipe to try this June, you won’t go wrong with these sangria cupcakes from the Cupcake Project.

We should also mention how delighted we were that Stef chose to use our festive Pink Confetti line for baking, serving, and displaying her sangria cupcakes. If you are interested in doing the same (she said it was a BIG hit), you can shop the entire Pink Confetti line by clicking here!

Raspberry Cupcakes with Pink Buttercream and Lacy Chocolate Hearts

2 Cupcakes Recipes 3 Cupcakes Recipes

  If you are looking for stylish cupcakes to serve this month, these raspberry cupcakes with lacy chocolate hearts will fit the bill perfectly. The cupcakes themselves are not too hard to make, but the lacy chocolate hearts require a bit of attention, skill and finesse.  We will say, the cupcakes really take on an elegant appearance when adorned with these delicate sweet symbols of love.

Click HERE for the cupcake recipe.

To make the hearts, you will first gently melt bittersweet chocolate chips. The best way to do this is using a double boiler. It is very important to avoid burning the chocolate. Use parchment paper to make your own at-home piping bag and use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to trace out heart shapes which you will then fill in with the warm melted chocolate. Outline the edge of the hearts then go a little wild and crazy filling in the lacy interior.

Click HERE for directions to make the chocolate hearts.

We have 17 different colors and styles of baking cups for you to use when making your cupcakes. We would recommend using Marshmallow Pink, which goes perfectly with the light pink buttercream frosting. Of course, with 17 different options, feel free to be creative and go a little wild.

White Chocolate Strawberry Ice Cream Cupcakes

We could not have been more delighted when we stumbled upon these tasty cupcakes filled with strawberry ice cream! What could be more perfect for June as spring winds down and summer starts heating up? Plus, this is the perfect time for strawberries. June through July are the best months for finding bright, beautiful, juicy ripe strawberries. The white chocolate adds a subtle yet very rich flavor to these light, fluffy cupcakes.

For the strawberry ice cream, you can go store bought or if you are feeling like putting in a bit of extra work (and if you have the time), you can use the provided home-made recipe.

4 Cupcakes Recipes

Click HERE for White Chocolate Strawberry Ice Cream Cupcakes!

We think you will find that each of these cupcake recipes offers something unique and interesting. Whether you make them all at once in a flurry of baking, or you try them one at a time, we guarantee our favorite cupcakes for June will more than satiate your sweet tooth.

As always, we would love it if you shared your results with us over on our Facebook page!

All we have left to say is, cheers and enjoy!!

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