Sugarfina: Where Sweet Style Redefines the Candy Store

February 22, 2016

Sugarfina: Where Sweet Style Redefines the Candy Store


Dark chocolates and milk chocolates; taffy in every flavor imaginable; bright, vibrant colors; jellybeans neatly sorted by shade, arrayed in a brilliant rainbow stretching from wall-to-wall. When we were kids, the candy store was paradise. It was like its very own world. It was the world of Willy Wonka and everlasting gobstoppers. It was a place we would dream about visiting. It’s was a world that was bright, inviting, and frankly… delicious

Sadly, it is a world most of us had to leave behind as we grew up!  Just thinking about it, we can’t help but feel a little nostalgic and a little wistful. There was nothing quite like the marvelous wide-eyed fun we would have at the candy shop. On our quest to recapture the magic of those days, we made a fantastic discovery. Nostalgia isn’t the only path back to wonderland. As it turns out, we can dip our toes into the chocolate river and visit this world once again.


Enter Sugarfina, the candy store that is combining flavor and style like nothing we have ever seen before! This isn’t the bubblegum silliness we so adored as kids; this is chic and boutique; this is elegant packaging and unbelievable flavors mixed with a quirky-fun brightness which will go over perfectly at any party.
One of the things we love best about Sugarfina is that it brings candy together from all four corners of the globe. While browsing their extensive selection, you will come across Champagne Gummi Bears and Peach Bellini gummies imported from Germany. You will find Bella Rosa hard candy rosettes imported from Italy. You will see Rainbow Kyoto Blossoms, which are delicate, tiny sugar flowers imported from Japan.



Talk about options. With something for every occasion, you can shop for individual boxes of candy at Sugarfina, or, for just $25 you can build your own custom Bento Box, which makes a perfect gift.
Our recent visit to Sugarfina’s LA location made quite an impression on us. This was retail at its finest. The attention to detail didn’t go unnoticed. From the moment we entered and the free samples were offered to the moment we left, it was an amazing experience. This store was heavenly – from the layout to the abundance of flavors and candies. The Fuji Apple Caramels were some of the best. They also carry beautiful gift items which complement the candy. You just try to walk past the “Craft Cocktails” recipe book without picking it up. We bet you walk out of the store with it underhand just like we did!
Whether you are shopping to satiate your sweet tooth, or you are preparing for the perfect party, you should definitely be considering a visit to Sugarfina’s. Their website has everything you need. Hop on over to to visit a vibrant world of taste, color and fun you thought you had left behind years ago.

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