The D.I.Y. Revolution

October 21, 2015

The DIY Revolution

The DIY Revolution

In recent years people have become increasingly worried about that idea that computers and modern technology separate us from the world. They drive a wedge between individuals and reality. Deeds and accomplishments done in the online world seem almost more real and important than those done in the real world! The recent explosion in the DIY (Do it Yourself) world is largely a response to this worry


The idea behind the DIY revolution is for people to produce something tangible. Something real, that they can hang on to. Something they can touch and feel and get to know. The idea is to actually DO something. To move beyond the phase so familiar to many where they read about something online, they researching it, they think about it, they want to do it – but they never do. Move beyond the IDEA into the DOING.


DIY ask people to find something they are passionate about. It could be cars, electronics, woodworking, ceramics, arts and crafts, computers, or even something as mundane as home maintenance. DIY calls to individuals to discover something to engage in. The internet makes it easy for people to know a little about a lot of things, why not learn a lot about one specific thing in particular.


By far the most important tenant of the DIY movement is a call to people to do something personal. To cut out the middle man. To find empowerment creating something from beginning to end with no labor but your own. This process has the ability to awaken the creative and inspirational spirit inside everyone. You learn about yourself through learning about something else.

DIY and party planning make perfect partners. It offers hosts a fantastic way to make their parties personal, unique, and interesting. A DIY party planner could make their own center pieces, craft their own decorations or cook all their own food. Next time you are thinking about throwing a party, ask yourself; what all can I do myself? 

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