Who Ate The Cake?

October 25, 2019

Who Ate The Cake?

We love solving mysteries! Which is why we wanted to share a how-to on hosting your own mystery party! While you can certainly purchase a mystery game, you run the risk of having guests ruin the surprise by googling the answer. Creating your own can be fun and not as complicated as you would think!

First step is choose a theme! This will be important as it will influence everything from the decorations, to the menu, to the attire and backstories of you all the characters!

For this scenario we are envisioning a 20s themed birthday party in which one of the guests has eaten all of the cake!

Second step is to make a guest list. We recommend an even number of players. Ten players is an ideal number for your first time! While you are certainly able to have as many as you'd like we don't want you getting overwhelmed with all the details your first time.

The fun part about creating your own story is that you know your friends better than anyone so each character you create can be customized to their quirks.

Using an alliterative online name generator might help you as you try to think of a back story for each character. You don't need too much detail. Giving them a name, a job, where they are from and any romantic entanglement with another character is usually good enough.

After you have an idea of who each character is, you need to give them all a motive.

Each character should have three clues as to their motivation. The first is something that is common knowledge (ie. Mrs. Fuzzyfeather has a sweet tooth). The other two should be secrets that are more incriminating (ie. 1. Mrs. Fuzzyfeather was once arrested for breaking into a bakery. 2. Mrs Fuzzyfeather goes to the support group Sweet Tooth Anonymous.) Lastly, I like to add a quirk (ie. anytime someone mentions a dessert Mrs. Fuzzyfeather becomes very excited.)

Once you have done this for all the characters you can then assign each character two secrets from different characters (this is why I recommend having even numbers)! The idea is that each character knows one thing about two other players. They can choose to share that knowledge or use it to coerce the other character into defending them.

After you have all the characters done you want to send the biography, including the 3 secrets about their character and two secrets from two other players and their quirk, to your guests! I would also include attire ideas if the theme requires it.

Once your invites are out, you a can focus on the props. A few decorative details to tie into the the theme can be easily acquired or made! For this theme we are building a fake cake, which will vanish from the table halfway through the night. Kicking off the beginning of the mystery!

As the host, you can write yourself as the detective. Choosing the culprit randomly, since all characters have equal motivation for eating the cake, it's your job to guide the other players to figure out who ate the cake.

For the first part of the night, let your guests mingle in character over appetizers and drinks trying to get to know the other players and dig up any dirt they can get.

During the second half the detective can question the players, this will give you an idea who is on the right track and if you need to intercede.

At the end of the the night have guests write down who they think the culprit was and why, the player/players who guess right should get a small gift for their excellent sleuthing skills.

Like what you see, click the banner to shop the look! As always, we thank you for partying with us! Our goal is to make entertaining easy, elegant and eco-friendly! 

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