Baby Shower Party Supplies

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A Joyous Occasion

It is a joyous occasion! A celebration of life and love and possibility! It is also a great excuse to gather all the girls together for party. You get to socialize, eat, drink, play games, and pamper the expectant mother. And she gets to open presents! It is going to be a lot of work to plan this party, you better get started! Lucky for you, you are already in the right place. Paper Eskimo’s boutique, designer line of paper products will perfectly fit your needs for baby shower party supplies.

Beautiful Tabletop Decor 

Paper Eskimo’s line of table top décor is headlined by our beautiful, artful, chic paper plates. Our colors are bright, energetic and crisp, good for a baby shower thrown any season on the year. Are you throwing your best friend her baby shower during spring? The soft and inviting pastels of our Powder Blue, Marshmallow Pink, and Limoncello lines will be sure to but a smile on her face. Throwing a winter baby shower? Perhaps you would like to choose from the more classic Black Tie or Sherbert Blue colors? No matter the season and no matter the style Paper Eskimo has the right designer paper plates for your next baby shower

Unique Deocrations

The table has been set and the menu has been planned and prepared, you haven’t forgotten to decorate have you?! Beautiful baby shower party décor will set the vibe for your baby shower. You want to give your party that unique, inviting, personal touch. Paper Eskimo’s classic wooden cutlery, retro paper straws, quirky cupcake toppers, festive party hats and inflatable balloons are sure to make your next baby shower a hit. Your guests won’t be able to stop asking you how you decorated, and the mother will be endlessly delighted.

Baby Shower Party Supplies | Plates for Baby Shower | Baby Shower Party Décor | Baby Shower Cups