Bridal Shower Plates and Napkins

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Bridal Shower Time!

Some people might tell you a bridal shower is all about celebrating love, togetherness, and a soon to be perfection union between two souls who are absolutely meant for each other. We all know what it is really about though don’t we? It is about having a party with the bride and her closest friends. It is about socializing, having fun, and showering the soon-to-be bride with gifts!   Bridal Shower Napkins Plates and Party Supplies

All the Colors of the Rainbow

The planning for a bridal shower usually falls to the Maid of Honor and other members of the bridal party. Most bridal showers are fun, quirky, and informal. The perfect mix for Paper Eskimo’s line of paper products which can fill any Maid of Honor’s bridal shower party supply needs. The bright, vibrant, fun colors of Paper Eskimo’s tabletop décor will fit in beautifully at any bridal shower. Maids of Honor can pick from Marshmallow Pink, Sherbert Blue, Candy Cane Red, Limoncello Yellow and much more.   Bridal Shower Celebration with Floral Plates and Napkins

Individual Style

The party supplies available at Paper Eskimo don’t end with tabletop décor. Paper Eskimo is a one stop shop for all of your party decoration needs. Are you going to be baking treats for the bridal shower? Use Paper Eskimo’s stylish and functional paper baking trays. They are super cute and will make the job easier for you! Show off you signature style by using cupcake toppers and styling tags to accent all the food you have worked so hard to put together. Mix and match from all the Paper Eskimo line of products to throw a party that is uniquely “you”, and shows your blushing bride- to-be how truly special she is, and how much she means to you.

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