Cupcake Paper Cups

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Serving Cupcakes

Paper Eskimo cupcake paper cups are the first thing you need to buy when you are planning to serve dessert to a large group of people. Serving crowds can be an overwhelming task, but using cupcake paper cups makes it much easier. You can make large batches of batter ahead of time and have it all ready for the party. When it comes time to bake, simply scoop out individual portions of batter into the paper cups, bake, let cool, and then serve!

Sized to go

Paper Eskimo baking cups are particularly perfect for cupcakes. Our backing cups are the perfect size, approximately a cup (Hence cupcake!). Your guests will have a few delicious bites of your cupcakes and be amazed. Those who are still hungry can go back for seconds!

The Disposable Dream

Paper Eskimo paper baking cups are made out of paper for a very specific reason, to be disposable and recyclable! One of the coolest things about paper is that it only burns at extremely high temperatures, temperature which they will never reach inside your oven. Paper Eskimo’s baking cups are designed for your comfort and convenience. The only thing you need to worry about when you are using paper baking cups, is choosing the right recipe.

Cupcakes for Crowds 

Paper Eskimo offers their cupcake liners in bulk for your convenience. If you are throwing a large party and are going to have to feed dessert to a crowd, visit Paper Eskimo for all your cupcake liner needs. Your bulk order of cupcake liners can be shipping to you in just a few quick minutes, all you have to do is pick out your design and press a few buttons. The process is fast and easy for your convenience.

Baking Cups for Cupcakes | Baking Cups Paper | Cupcake Liners Bulk | Cupcake Baking Trays