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Paper Party Supplies

Party Plates and Napkins | Paper Party Supplies | Party Plates and Cups | Paper Party Napkins

It’s Paper Party Time! Benefits of Paper Did you know that paper was first invented around 100 BC in China? We are willing to be that the first paper party supplies were invented about 2 days later. Paper plates and parties, the fit is just too perfect. Parties are all about having fun and making memories. It is going to be tough to have fun when your 6 year-old birthday boy is walking around with your ceramic plated in his hands loaded up with birthday cake and ice cream. That sounds like a spill and a broken plate waiting to happen. Give him a paper plate instead and you have nothing to worry about!

Share your Secret Paper Eskimo party plates and napkins fit in great at any of party, from first birthdays, to 50th wedding anniversaries. They have been meticulously, individually, and artfully designed by the passionate artists at Paper Eskimo. They take pride in every design they make, and are extremely excited for people to show off those designs at their special occasions. If you are a host using Paper Eskimo party supplies you better be ready to answer some questions. People WILL be asking you where you shopped. You may want to keep your secrets, but we encourage you spread the word about Paper Eskimo!

One-up your Friends  Share your images of Paper Eskimo paper cups in action at parties around the world. Are you drinking root beer floats our of a Paper Eskimo paper cup? Take a picture and share it on Instagram with #papereskimo! Drinking punch, lemonade, water, soda, or even… an adult beverage? Share that image with #papereskimo. Hot or cold, sweet or tangy, adult or virgin, Paper Eskimo cups have seen it all. Don’t forget to bring stylish paper cups to your next party.

Party Plates and Napkins | Paper Party Supplies | Party Plates and Cups | Paper Party Napkins