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Paper Serving Trays

Serving Trays for Parties | Paper Serving Trays | Disposable Serving Trays | Party Serving Trays

A Creative Alternative

Paper serving trays are an innovative and creative alternative to the classic paper plate. While a paper plate is flat and boring, paper serving trays are folded up to have edges, almost like a combination of a plate and a bowl. You can load up a paper serving tray with food and have little worry about spilling anything.

Serving trays for parties

Paper serving trays are the perfect thing to use at a party. Often at parties you are going to have tables set up with food and snacks which allow your guests to graze and eat at their convenience. Offer serving trays of the table so they can load up with snacks and still have the freedom to move around and socialize. Using serving trays as an alternative to paper plates is a good way to cut down on the mess at the end of the day.

For any Occasion 

Paper Eskimo party serving trays are specifically designed for use at parties. They combine style and function into one perfect serving dish. Party serving trays are stylish and cool. They come in a wide variety of patterns, colors, and designs to fit any party theme imaginable. Whether your party is elegant and sophisticated, or casual, Paper Eskimo has party serving trays that are right for you.

The Disposable Dream 

One of the best features of Paper Eskimo serving trays is that they are disposable. Who doesn’t hate having to confront a massive pile of dishes at the end of a long day? It feels even worse after a night hosting a party. Disposable serving trays eliminate the need to do any dishes at all. Your guests can use the same serving trays through the evening and dispose of it when they have eaten their fill.

Serving Trays for Parties | Paper Serving Trays | Disposable Serving Trays | Party Serving Trays