Paper Straws

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Paper straws Did you know that the first straws were invented thousands of years ago by the ancient Sumerians? It’s true! These classy straws were not made out of paper or plastic like those today. No, these were made out of gold and the Sumerians use them primarily to drink beer. You would probably be given an odd look if someone caught you drinking beer out of a straw today, but in Sumaria you would fit right in!

Striped paper straws The vertical striped look is a timeless classic. Paper Eskimo’s stripped paper straws are beautiful and come in any color you made need. Striped paper straws don’t have to be used just for beverages.The uses are expansive. They can be used to fill a chic glass vase for a stylish center piece or decorative ornament, alternatively you can bundle up some striped paper straws with colorful twine tied in a bow for a cute accent piece.

Keeping it Clean Have you ever gone to a restaurant, ordered a water, and had them bring it to you without giving you a straw? It’s really unpleasant isn’t it? You don’t want to put your mouth on that glass after it has been used by thousands of other people! This is why we use straws. Paper drinking straws are convenient, clean, and hygienic.

Endless Colors Paper striped straws are a signature Paper Eskimo product. They come in almost every color imaginable and can complement any style of decor. Throwing a Valentine’s Day party with just the girls? Paper Eskimo has straws for that! Having a dinosaur themed birthday bash for your soon-to-be six-year old’s big day? Paper Eskimo has straws for that too! Paper Eskimo has you covered for any style of event or party you could possible imagine.

Paper Straws | Paper Striped Straws | Paper Drinking Straws | Striped Paper Straws