Party Favor Bags

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Party favor bags We know what you are thinking, another thing I have to prepare for my party? Party favor bags are not a necessity, but they are one of those subtle little touches that separate a GOOD party from a GREAT party. Everyone who attended your party had amazing time and made some great memories, there is no doubt about it. A party favor bag is the icing on the cake (your cake was delicious too by the way). It stays on their fingers and lips even after the cake is gone. A delicious little reminder of cakes and parties past.

Great for Baby Showes Baby shower party bags are a cute way to make sure the party keeps going even after the guests have left. You can fill the baby shower party bag with fun little items and treats which your guests will be sure to enjoy. Little plastic baby bottles, dolls, cookies, candies are all a great party bag stuffers. If you have the time you can get even more creative. Arts and crafts kits are always a hit and you can make them baby shower themed!

Stylish Bags Your party favor bags to don’t have to be extravagant or over the top. Usually something simple is better! Paper Eskimo paper party favor bags combine simplicity and style. Their designs are modern, chic and cool without seeming overly formal.

Quality over Quantity  Your party favor bags don’t need to be big either! In this case, smaller is usually better. Don’t weigh down your guests by giving them a grocery bag full of useless knick-knacks. Given them a smaller bag with fewer items makes those items even more special. It is also less work for you! Quality over Quantity is the theme here. A well done party bag is sure to keep your guests talking until it is time for your next party.

Party Favor Bags | Baby Shower Party Favor Bags | Small Party Favor Bags | Paper Party Favor Bags